Entry #9


2010-08-24 21:02:01 by DirtyPandaFilms

Our animation "Douche Delivery" is making progress. Lip sycning is halfway done and all that's left is some simple filling in of details and a menu. It'll be good to be back in the cartoon saddle again!

Episode 08 of the Dirty Panda Podcast is now available! Back to the original format, Ted and I started things off with a music clip from the Dirty Panda studio band "The Cock" and elaborated on headlines. Naturally we joked about homeless people, Hitler, drugs, babies and Michael J. Fox as Spider-Man. We also developed some improv games after the show for us to try out with our next guest such as "Paint A Scene", "He's A Professional" and "Trading Two-Man Skit". Enjoy :3

01 Why People Are Homeless
02 Hitler Paints!
03 Baby Fears
04 Why Are You Cops Pulling Me Over?
05 Star Trek Is Boring
06 Michael J. Fox as Spider-Guy


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2010-08-24 22:16:07

Katy Perry is not a slut. She is a saint! >:|


2010-08-24 22:21:53

that she is, and thus i love her :) ps alkali1monkey stfu, we ALL know shes a slut.


2010-08-24 22:48:59

She banged an African American guy before hooking up with a British dude.


2010-09-03 19:57:39

she is. she kissed a girl and she liked it.


2013-10-04 03:37:25

I hear crickets.....